New NHL Jerseys

Worn by the Nashville Predators

new nhl jerseys

On the day prior to the 2021 NHL Awards and NHL Expansion Draft, the NHL released new hockey jerseys for every of its teams. This year marks the first time that the NHL has switched to Adidas REBOL Ice V jersey fabric. The new jerseys will be made in Canada and the United States. Here is an overview of the new jersey line-up:

Nashville Predators – The Nashville Predators are set to wear a new uniform this year as well as their alternates and practice accessories. They have kept the same color scheme as the past three seasons’ jerseys, which consist of a white base, black sleeves with silver numbers, and a dark colored road throwback road jersey. Preds fans can now also get a specialty color such as their road Stanley Cup winner tulle by ordering the new jersey online.

Columbus Blue Jackets – The Columbus Blue Jackets will also be getting a new jersey. The Jackets will be wearing blue as their primary color but they will also be putting on red pants and red creases on the sleeves. The front part of the jersey is also going to feature the blue color but it will have a royal blue patch on the chest. The pants have been changed to orange and the sleeves have been moved down to the way they are on the road.

Calgary Flames – The Calgary Flames is also wearing a new jersey this year. The logo was not added to the jersey design. Rather, they are wearing a solid red jersey. It is interesting to see the Flames go with an all-white look this year. Perhaps this will be an attempt to not confuse the new generation of hockey fans?

Chicago Black Hawks – The Chicago Black Hawks are also wearing a new jersey this season. The jersey is a very basic black and blue design. No logos or names have been added to the design. This is a great jersey for a kid’s team but it will probably end up in the scrap heap when they start using the other teams’ logos and colors.

Boston Bruins – The new Boston Bruins will be getting a new design for their home jersey. The new jersey will be a white and blue design. No matter where you go in Boston, you will see a number of fans wearing these new colors. It appears that the Bruins are trying to be the most popular team in the NHL this year.

Carolina Hurricanes – The Hurricanes will also be wearing a new jersey this season. The Hurricanes will be wearing a blue and white jersey fabric design. However, this design is a bit different than what is used on the team. Many fans have had trouble finding the authentic jerseys at times. Hurricanes Authentic jerseys are difficult to find because the Hurricanes make their own jersey fabric and do not license the use of any logos or names.

Dallas Stars – The Dallas Stars will be wearing a new jersey this year as well. The Dallas Stars will be wearing a white and blue jersey fabric design. A lot of hockey fans have been complaining about the lack of jersey design on the Stars jerseys lately. Luckily, the NHL has made some changes so that this problem can be rectified in the near future. The fans are getting restless and want more. So, there will be more NHL jersey design changes for the 2021-9 season.

Nashville Predators – The Preds will be wearing a new jersey this year. They have a nice jersey fabric on their road jerseys but a dark color on their home jersey. This is just one of many major design changes the Preds will be making.

Columbus Blue Jackets – The Jackets will also be wearing a new jersey this season. The new colors are teal and yellow. These two colors are considered to be “power colors”. The new jersey design for the Jackets will be exciting and unique. It should improve the looks for Jackets fans.

Now you can see why so many fans are excited about these new NHL jerseys. The teams are looking great and they are ready to challenge for the cups. So, go ahead and purchase your new NHL jersey today. The weather is nice and you should have a great game!

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